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In this age of information overload, every word you use needs to serve a deliberate purpose. But where on earth do you start? Stop wasting hours trying to write your copy and get me to do the hard work instead.

I’m passionate about producing clear and compelling copy that works hard to achieve its objectives. It has to read beautifully and deliver. I also believe that you deserve more than a cookie cutter approach, so you won’t find any one-size-fits-all packages here. First, we’ll scope the project according to your unique brief, then I’ll take you through a thorough consultative process – more info on that here.

The result: copy that sings with clarity, feels like you and compels your dream clients to take action. Sound good?

Get in touch to discuss how I can grow your business with cut-through copy across the following mediums. And if you have something else in mind not covered below, feel free to reach out and have a chat – I love a challenge.

+ Search-optimised website copy

Your website is your most important asset, no question. But, chances are, your copy is letting you down – leading to low engagement, lost profit and a big dose of website shame. Very simply, your website copy needs to:

  • Get to the heart of your story with a style that is authentically you
  • Sweet talk google with the right keywords (SEO) to drive the right people to your site
  • Connect with your target market and compel them to take the action you desire

There are many people out there who claim to do SEO, but not many that do it well. My web copy works for humans and google, and I make it my job to keep on top of the many algorithm changes so you don’t have to. Most importantly, I actually walk the talk, so you’ll find me in the top spots on google for competitive key phrases like ‘melbourne copywriter’, ‘copywriting melbourne’ and ‘copywriter melbourne.’

Depending on your appetite, I can work with you to develop all of your website copy from the ground up or focus on specific pages.

+ Brand storytelling

Human beings are hardwired to tell and engage with stories. In fact, the neuroscience of storytelling has been researched thoroughly, with results proving that information communicated via stories is far more engaging and therefore much likelier to be retained. I can help you connect and create loyalty within your target market by telling your story. I’ll extract the hidden nuggets of narrative gold, bring your cast of characters to life and use my creative writing skills to weave it all together into an unforgettable, impactful brand story.

+ Blogging

“I think, therefore I blog.” Or just about, these days! Blogging is a hugely powerful marketing tool. Not only does it allow you to connect with and nurture your ideal clients, it’s an imperative part of any SEO strategy.

I can work with you to build a blog content schedule, write blogs from scratch or fine-tune your existing content. And all optimised for google, of course.

Have a sticky beak at my own blog here.

+ eBooks and eCourses

Need a digital asset to promote your business and encourage subscriptions to your blog? Or, even better, want to add a passive income stream to your business? eBooks and eCourses can take your business to the next level. I can work with you as a ghost writer or edit and / or proofread your work. In a saturated market, the emphasis needs to be on creating something cut-through and highly marketable. I can also put you in touch with some fabulous, specialty eBook / eCourse designers to ensure your piece looks as good as it reads.

+ Case studies

There is no sales tool more powerful than a killer case study. Rather than telling prospects how great you are, let your raving customers do it for you with far greater believability and effectiveness. I can interview your customer, extract the nitty gritty of why they love your product or service and spin it into a case study that will win you new business.

+ White papers and annual reports

Baulking at the prospect of writing a 20+page report? Long, in-depth documents are hard work, and often end up being confused, rambling, and ineffective. I can work with you to get crystal clear on what your report needs to achieve, then craft the content to ensure it exceeds expectations.

+ Brochures

Brochures are deceptively simple, but incredibly hard to get right! Let’s face it – it’s not easy to get people excited about some less-than-glamorous subjects. I can get creative with your latest software development or consulting service and create a bin-proof brochure that prompts people to take action.

+ Manifestos and mission statements

The online world is abuzz with thousands of fabulous, passionate, world-changing entrepreneurs. The challenge? Standing out from the crowd – particularly in saturated markets like health and wellness coaching. Let’s get to the heart of what makes you special and write a manifesto or mission statement that does you justice.

+ eNewsletters

Blogging is fantastic, but relies on readers coming back to your site. With tools like MailChimp, it’s easy and cheap to deliver a regular outbound communication to your subscribers. I can work with you to develop eNewsletters that engage, inspire and compel your readers to take action.

+ Direct mail

In this age of eMarketing, direct mail is often seen as the more-expensive and less-effective cousin. Not so if you have an offer that warrants a truly standout tactic. After all, we get much less mail these days than we do email! Let’s craft a piece that gets opened, stops readers in their tracks and starts a conversation.

+ Professional bios, cover letters, and CVs

You’re brilliant and have a tonne to offer, but shouting your own greatness from the rooftops isn’t easy. Especially for the more modest among us. Let me do it for you and secure you that dream job or speaking gig.

+ Speeches, scripts, invitations, landing pages, and event collateral

Secured a speaking gig or running an event? I can ensure the event itself goes seamlessly with speeches and scripts, and jam-pack your venue with invitations (eDM and DM), optimised landing pages and event collateral.

+ Proposals, tender responses, grant and award submissions

Got a potential gig, grant or award submission that you simply must land? I’m detail-oriented, strategic and logical – and I love working on long, in-depth persuasive documents. Let me draw on my experience to secure you that new customer, cash injection or coveted award.

+ Feature writing

In addition to copywriting and marketing, I’m also passionate about feature writing. I’m available to contribute articles under my own name or I’ll happily ghost write on your behalf.

To find out more, have a chat or for a completely obligation-free quote, please contact me here. Or, perhaps you’ve already written something and just need it edited?

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