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How it works

There’s truly nothing I love more than delighting my clients. To ensure we’re both happy campers at the end of our time together, I follow a proven, collaborative process. I’m a loud and proud process junkie, after all! Here’s what goes down…

First things first

Let’s connect! Send me an email here or call me on 0439 425 789 to express your interest. I’ll respond quick smart with a brief questionnaire to find out what you need and when you need it. This ensures we’re on the same page from the outset, and makes the quotation process quick, simple and accurate.

Quote time

Once you’ve returned the questionnaire, I’ll get back to you with a thorough, no-obligation quote, including:

  • Exactly what you’ll get;
  • When you’ll get it; and
  • How much it will cost.

Quotes are valid for one month after issue. I’ll also send you my standard Terms & Conditions to ensure we avoid any unpleasant misunderstandings down the track.

Over to you

Next steps are in your hands. If you want to go ahead, fantastic! Simply accept the Terms & Conditions doc and pay your 50% deposit (please note: for projects less than $1000.00, I require payment in full upfront). For Australian clients, bank transfer is the preferred payment option. For international clients, I use PayPal.

Let’s get started!

In order to do the best possible job for you, I need your input. After all, nobody knows your business like you do. To make this as efficient as possible, I’ll send you a thorough briefing questionnaire, whereby you’ll bring me up to speed on all things you, your business and your objectives. The more info, the better!

Depending on what I get back from you, this may need some clarification via phone or skype (which I’ll allow for in your quote).

Down to business

Time for you to relax and for me to do the hard yards! I’ll do some research on your industry, your competitors and – if applicable – lock in some keywords for SEO. Then, I’ll get busy writing, editing or proofreading – depending on the task at hand.

Review time

Work completed will include one or two rounds of review (depending on the complexity of the job). You have 5 working days to come back to me with any alterations or amendments. If you need more time, that’s okay – but please let me know within the 5 days. If I don’t hear from you within this time period, I’ll assume you’re happy, close your project and shoot off your final invoice.


Once all copywriting has been completed, reviewed and approved, we’re just about there! The final step is for you to pay the remaining 50%. Please note – until this happens, copyright remains with me and you are prohibited from publishing, altering or sharing any of the material provided.

And then we happy dance!

See, not so scary, right?! Follow the process above, and working with me will be an easy, efficient and delightful experience.

I’d love to hear about the project you have in mind. Keen to get started? Contact me here.

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