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After a long, hard journey, my husband and I are thrilled to be expecting a little bundle of joy in October. To be honest, I still can’t quite believe it despite my ever-expanding tummy (or ‘guts’ as hubby has affectionately started calling me!). We are over-the-moon excited and a little bit terrified. This will be […]

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Last week, I made a big mistake. Since launching in early 2015, my site has hovered around the top spots on Google for competitive key phrases like ‘melbourne copywriter’ with hardly any maintenance on my part. That’s the power of great SEO copy (if I do say so myself)! Google is my main source of […]

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I recently got an email from a guy called Josh. Josh is 19, based in Hobart and dreams of being a digital nomad. He thought freelance copywriting might be a good way to make that happen, so reached out to me for resources and advice. Josh also happens to be living in a homeless youth […]

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At the start of winter every year, I find myself predictably enamoured with cosy evenings in front of the fire, hot chocolate, steaming soup and chilly walks wrapped up in woolly scarves and beanies. Just as predictably, about two months in, I find myself increasingly grumpy and decidedly over it. A top of 12 (feels […]

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These days, we live a good portion of our lives online. We update our statuses, upload photos, like, love, even go live – broadcasting real life, right now – no matter what could potentially go wrong (did you see that awkward argument between Novak Djokovic and his wife on Facebook recently? Eeek!). Don’t get me […]

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I’ve written before about being a loud and proud introvert. Actually, make that quiet and proud. 😉 After years of feeling slightly strange, self-conscious and often completely overwhelmed in loud, social settings, I learnt a little about introversion and finally understood a core truth about my make-up. Hey, I realised, this makes sense and I’m […]

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I’m Sally. Writer. Editor. Recovering perfectionist. And on a mission to tell your story with authenticity, attention to detail and high impact.

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