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Welcome to my happy place where I geek out on all things copywriting and SEO, the ins and outs of freelance life and the everyday stuff that makes my heart sing.

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Some people dive into a relationship with a freelance copywriter full steam ahead based on gut feel, blind faith, a glowing recommendation – or a combination of all three. And that’s totally fine. In fact, I think there’s a lot to be said for following your intuition when it comes to choosing who you work […]

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I’m so honoured to be the first writer featured in She Writes, launched yesterday. A new monthly series by writer and coach Diana Martinez of She Loves Words, She Writes explores writing and creative rituals for the curious and courageous. In this in-depth interview, I share my creative rituals and processes, how I stay inspired, and […]

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August marked one year since I finished up in my corporate job. Holy moly, where did that year go?! You know what they say – time flies when you’re having fun. While it’s been a year since I said ‘fair thee well’ to corporate life, I’ve only been in biz officially for six months because I […]

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“We’re all stories, in the end.” ― Steven Moffat About 40,000 years ago, human beings tapped into the power of storytelling as a means of communication via cave art. Today, despite our overwhelming busyness and short attention spans, we’re still hardwired to tell and engage with stories. The neuroscience of storytelling shows a clear sensory cortex reaction to descriptive language, […]

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Last week, I experienced a rather curious business rite of passage. Not something worth celebrating, but unfortunately something many of us go through. In short, another copywriter decided to help themselves to a little piece of my online pie. If you’re reading here, you’ve no doubt come across my tagline of sorts: ‘Connect, compel and […]

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I’m a not-so-loud but definitely proud introvert, and I’m passionate about encouraging fellow introverts to embrace their introversion. So, I was thrilled when Founder Kathryn Hall asked me to contribute to The Business of Introverts – one of my favourite sites for introverts in business. You can find my post, The introvert’s guide to writing authentic […]

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I’m Sally. Writer. Editor. Recovering perfectionist. Happiest with my daughters in my arms, my head in a book or my fingers on the keyboard. And on a mission to tell your story with authenticity, attention to detail and high impact.

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Danielle MacInnis, Founder and CEO, MacInnnis Marketing

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Ariana Shutte, Marketing Coordinator, Cadwell

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Edmond Low, Director & Principal Consultant, DQUBE Solutions
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